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Strategic management of healthcare institution development of the national medical services market

Published: Sep 1, 2020
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The article reviews the current state of the market of medical services in Europe and comparatively results with the health care system in Ukraine. The main problems of reforming the health care system of Ukraine, which is characterized by the reduction of public health institutions, insufficient funding and an increase in the number of private clinics aimed at maximizing profits, are analyzed. On the one hand, this improves the quality of medical services, as private clinics, not having public funding, but financed by consumers purchase expensive equipment and make decisions in market conditions, which contributes to the introduction of new methods and innovative technologies, while on the other hand private medicine is inaccessible to the vast majority of the population of Ukraine due to the low economic status of citizens. The article considers the problem of remoteness of settlements from health care institutions and gives recommendations for further development and management of the health care system on the national market of medical services to reduce the risk of premature loss of population and improve the health of patients. The main reasons for the decline of the population of Ukraine are described and recommendations for the transition from public to public private medicine are provided. It was found that it is necessary to increase funding for public healthcare institutions and increase their total number to preserve the human potential of Ukraine. It was concluded that the strategic management of the development of the health care system should constantly monitor the effectiveness of implementation of changes, develop a flexible system of reform and control, which would take into account regional characteristics and mentality of the Ukrainian population. In order to increase the results of public medicine functioning and improve its availability and competitiveness, it is necessary to reorganize the system of control over the targeted use of monetary resources and develop a step-by-step strategy of Ukraine's development in all areas of the medical services market.
JEL Classification:
I15; J10; L10, O43
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