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Features of the formation of a regional security system in Eastern Europe

Published Online: Sep 19, 2022
Published: Sep 30, 2022
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The formation of a new world order is primarily caused by new conditions and military operations on the European continent. The intensification of military-political tension led to the formation of new centers of power and gravity, which in turn led to the concentration of weapons and general militarization. Changes in the world order as a result of military conflicts and an increase in hot spots in the world, an increase in threats and the formation of centers of military gravity, the inability of existing institutions to resolve the situation lead to the need to develop new security mechanisms. The main purpose of the article is to identify the key features of regional militarization in the modern world, to identify key centers for the formation of regional associations, and especially in Eastern Europe. The Methods/Approach of the article is a comparative analysis of regional characteristics and levels of militarization. Conclusions. Studies show that in recent years there has been an increase in the level of militarization of individual countries and the highest level is demonstrated by the countries of Eastern Europe (including the Baltics). This is primarily due to the increase in threats and the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine from Russia, as well as the increase in the intensity of previously unleashed conflicts. The increase in the degree of military-political tension leads to the need to form centers of power that could deter certain forces and threats in the regions. Previously, only weapons of mass destruction were defined as such forces, but in the modern world a new world order is being formed that could ensure the stabilization of the situation in Europe, given the presence of a fairly strong center of military power and the threat from Russia. Militarization trends indicate an increase in the quantity and quality of weapons in a region that could potentially be in the circle of Russia's geopolitical interests. Studies show that in the current situation, the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries are especially actively increasing their level of technologization of the army and militarization in general.
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F01, F15, F42
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Kaspars, K. (2022). Features of the formation of a regional security system in Eastern Europe. Access to science, business, innovation in digital economy, ACCESS Press, 3(3): 253-263.

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