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Cultural tourism development in the town of Byala - opportunities for innovation

Published Online: Jan 30, 2022
Published: Jan 31, 2022
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This article aims to examine the opportunities for innovations in the development of cultural tourism in the town of Byala. The study focuses on five cultural heritage sites categorized as cultural values of national significance. They are analyzed according to the following three indicators: cultural and historical significance, accessibility, and current condition. The main problems regarding their potential to attract tourists are outlined. For the purpose of the study, several additional factors are considered. They include implemented marketing strategies, established links with travel intermediaries, accommodation and catering establishments. The main methods used for obtaining the results include the comparative method and the methods of analysis and synthesis. The official sources of information used for the purpose of this study include documents, official websites, and books. The results of the study indicate that no marketing strategies have been developed and implemented so far and the aforementioned cultural heritage sites remain unknown to potential visitors. No links have been established with travel intermediaries. On the basis of the analysis carried out, several innovations have been proposed by the author. Due to its rich history and strategic location, the town of Byala has great potential to become a popular destination for cultural tourism.
JEL Classification:
O10, Z30, Z31
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Konstantinova, Y. (2022). Cultural tourism development in the town of Byala - opportunities for innovation. Access to science, business, innovation in digital economy, ACCESS Press, 3(1): 67-80.

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