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Trends in the development of regional trust management markets

Published Online: Aug 11, 2021
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The article discusses the features of the development of the trust management services market. The purpose of the article is to determine the regional features of the development of the trust management services market. The article uses the methods of quantitative empirical research, statistical analysis and visualization, analysis and assessment of the regional dynamics of the main instruments of trust management. The formation of the trust management market takes into account the peculiarities of the development and economies of individual countries, regional regulatory characteristics. Trust management is widespread in advanced countries, while in other countries this market is just emerging. In general, the trust management market in the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia in particular is only in the process of formation, although the services themselves have a long history of development. They are most often viewed as part of the overall market for banking or insurance services. At the present stage, there is a selection of a separate market segment, determination of the place of trust services in the structure of banking services, identification of regional characteristics in the structure of the global market. The peculiarities of the Russian securities market are: active participation of the state in the processes of market trading, a large number of government securities on the market and a relatively low level of involvement in global processes. The market is relatively small, but its development is quite dynamic. The key prerequisites for the development of the market are: the relative closeness of the market, government regulation, a decrease in the attractiveness of other banking or financial instruments, and an increase in the general welfare of investors.
JEL Classification:
F36, G11, G15, G21
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Perminov, S. (2021). Trends in the development of regional trust management markets. Access to science, business, innovation in digital economy, ACCESS Press, 2(3): 261-273.

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