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What do your customers think about? To guess or to know?

Published: Jan 1, 2021
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The customer is central to any company’s activity. Although this is the fundamental truth, many companies turn their attention to the customer only when sales decrease. This article tells how to prevent the negative changes. This article will not reveal the communication strategy elements for interacting with customers, neither will it consider building the necessary IT infrastructure for its implementation, it will rather address the basics of developing approaches to interacting with different types of customers. These approaches are based on customer needs and, most importantly, their expectations, which can be recognized and hidden, that is, those that cannot be reflected in a contract or similar regulatory documents. The global best practice of interacting with customers is based on application of different approaches to different customer types. Moreover: approaches to interacting with customers should bring not only immediate economic effect, but also work in all areas in the long term on a systematic basis - that is, help to turn potential and new customers into regular and loyal, the most valuable to the company.
JEL Classification:
M300; M110; O31; O33
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