Access Journal

Access to Science, Business, Innovation in the Digital Economy
"ACCESS: Access to science, business, innovation in digital economy" is a international peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes original research papers and case studies.

Aims and scope of research

The basic subjects of the electronic journal are dedicated to authors’ research and development concerning theoretical and applied questions of economy development, national, regional and local social, economic, ecological, and information systems, their integration into the world economy, setting up business environment and new forms of enterprise, introduction of economic innovations, as well as other fields and topics related to social sciences such as computer and information security, which in their entirety provide theoretical, practical, theoretical-practical knowledge, methodological perspectives of those fields and topics of scientific knowledge, as well as impact and social applications of science and technology.
The Journal is designed for publishing articles, including but not limited to the following fields of research:
  • Challenges of economic development of society
  • Innovation of the economy and enterprises, start-up activities
  • Risk, risk management, risk financing instruments
  • Finance and financial markets
  • Market mechanisms of entrepreneurship development
  • Technological Changes Management and Economic Development Management
  • Innovation management; Management of the national and international economy
  • Regional competitiveness through investment efficiency
  • Business, Strategy and Investment Management
  • Management Science and Information Systems
  • Sustainable social and economical environment of business development; Sustainable enterprise
  • Innovation on Implementation and Protection of Human Rights in Digital Environment
  • Innovation and Technologies on the Intellectual Property rights in Digital Environment
  • Information, innovation and nonlinear modeling technologies, forecasting and management of processes and systems; Cognitive modeling and management decision making in poorly structured systems. (Fuzzy cognitive modeling); Artificial intelligence systems and technologies. Robotics; Digital Economy. INDUSTRY 4.0.; Industrial Internet of Things (“IoT” for I).
The viewpoints expressed by the authors in their articles do not necessarily reflect the position of the editorial staff.

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