Access Journal

Access to Science, Business, Innovation in the Digital Economy

Access Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2, May 2023

Journal uses continuous publication model. Current issue is in progress.
Published: Mar 2, 2023

To promote entrepreneurship: factors that influence the success of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Investor protection: segregation of assets

Schumpeter's theory of economic development and modern civil society: points of interaction

New green economy policy integrating the economic dimension in the face of environmental problems in the case of a Moroccan agri-food company

Role of political economy in mediating innovation and entrepreneurship–a perspective based on some cases from Nepal

Developing a maturity model to identify digital skills and abilities of accounting professionals: evidence from Turkey

Planning the digital marketing budget: computer modelling for decision making

Identifying knowledge management strategies for knowledge management systems

Comparative Measurement of Intellectual Potential in Economiсs of Ukraine and Romania

Phehomenon of corruption in Albania: towards cigarrete smugling

Conceptual framework for the development of an e-government licensing system

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