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Financial aspects of socio-economic rejection in Ukraine in conditions of economic turbulence

Published Online: Feb 27, 2024
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Objectives. The relevance of the study of socio-economic rejection in Ukraine is determined by the increase in the number of factors of turbulence in the economy of Ukraine as a response to the degree of increasing uncertainty of financial security and the growth of Ukraine's debt indicators. The purpose of the article is to summarize and present the causes and forms of the phenomenon of socio-economic rejection in Ukraine at various levels of its manifestation through the prism of financial interpretation of the actual turbulence of the economy. Methods/Approach. The research was based on expert reviews and assessments of the state of the state budget, the amount of state debt, modern theoretical and methodological, regulatory and legislative aspects of the amount of international financial assistance; methods of dialectics, methods and principles of scientific knowledge, tools of statistical and economic analysis are used. Results. The obtained results of the research created a basis for substantiating the regularity and algorithms of the manifestation of the phenomenon of socio-economic rejection as a result of the growth of social tension, financial obligations and the ratio of the amount of public debt to the size of the country's gross domestic product. The trends of changes in the export potential of key global exporters were studied as criteria for forecasting financial capacity and dependence on external borrowing. The cost of public debt service was analyzed from the point of view of the impact of this indicator on the size of the public debt and the possibility of intensive development of the country's economy. It was established that, taking into account the laws of turbulent entropy logic, it is necessary to rely not on one trajectory of the development of the socio-economic and financial system, but on a set of the most likely development scenarios, including those that are unlikely. The practical value of the research results is related to a number of proposals for Ukraine's exit from the systemic crisis through qualitative changes in its leading idea: representation on the financial market, construction of the architecture of new target orientations, which form a new vector direction of development for the search for positive synergistic effects. Conclusions. It has been established that the primary means of leveling the manifestations of socio-economic rejection is the formation and observance of a state strategy for reducing the state debt, compliance with state guarantees, social obligations, which will guarantee social involvement, social justice and the economic effectiveness of the social contract with the population.
JEL Classification:
B55, D23, G40, H63
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Likhonosova, G., Nencheva, I., Ismailov, T., Gorka-Chowaniec, A., Mitkov, M., (2024). Financial aspects of socio-economic rejection in Ukraine in conditions of economic turbulence. Access to science, business, innovation in the digital economy, ACCESS Press, 5(2), 248-262,

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