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Pandemic era and its impact on the investment and business environment – Georgian case

Published Online: Jan 2, 2022
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In the modern world, which is experiencing more globalization, the entrepreneurship and its development are important. Business at the modern stage is one of the most promising areas to stimulate the economy, business support and its perfection should be one of the main priorities of the state, because as a result of its development the country develops both economically and socially. Objectives: To clarify what kind of impact did the pandemic have on previously mentioned issues and what were other development hindering factors. A study was conducted to analyze the situation of small and medium business sectors, which aims to identify the problems that Georgian entrepreneurship is facing today. Methods/Approach: Both qualitative and quantitative studies carried out in business sector in Georgia. Results: The results gained within the study and further recommendations significantly define the role of small and medium-sized business sectors for Georgia. The paper gives us a clear conception on the current situation and enables us to make relevant conclusions based on the obtained results.
JEL Classification:
H25, H26, L21, L26, M54
How to cite:
Shonia, N., Mushkudiani, Z., Siradze, M. (2022). Pandemic era and its impact on the investment and business environment –Georgian case. Access to science, business, innovation in digital economy, ACCESS Press, 3(1): 7-15.
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