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Consumer expectations and real experiences: case of Ukrainian tourists in Turkey

Published Online: Dec 14, 2022
Published: Jan 31, 2023
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Objectives: The issues and approaches to the analysis of the opinions of consumers of tourism services in Turkey are considered. Customer surveys can be conducted both before and after their service. Methods/Approach: Accordingly, preliminary estimates and opinions of customers can be obtained reflecting their expectations and actual estimates after they receive travel services. It is of interest to compare these two groups of assessments, which makes it possible to both adjust preliminary advertising and marketing campaigns, and the quality of the tourist service itself, its individual elements, and components. Results: In the analysis, to obtain statistically sound and reliable results, a sequence of steps is proposed to study the expected and real impressions of tourists. An information and analytical technology for determining the types of tourists who have the same expected and real impressions is proposed. Its advantage lies in the use of correlation and variance analysis of non-metric indicators and the subsequent development of cognitive maps that allow you to immediately see the mechanisms of interrelation in the system of non-metric and metric indicators. Conclusions: Compliance with such information and analytical technology ensures the objectivity of the analysis, and, consequently, the effectiveness of management decisions that will be made on its basis. An example of practical calculations for processing the results of surveys of tourists before and after service has been given.
JEL Classification:
M30, Z32, P36
How to cite:
Dorokhov, O.; Malyarets, L.; Ukrainski, K.; Petrova, M.; Yevstrat, D.; Aliyeva, A. (2023). Consumer expectations and real experiences: case of Ukrainian tourists in Turkey. Access to science, business, innovation in digital economy, ACCESS Press, 4(1), 102-114,
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